Hydrangeas Bloom Before Your Eyes!

Instead of going to a far-off tropical location for Spring-Break, I have been in western New York, painting away in my studio.  I have a little under one month to finish my “Tradition” painting and deliver it to the Oxford Gallery by April 14th.  One of the most prominent objects in my painting is a bouquet of flowers – hydrangeas, daffodils and roses.  I decided to spend the last couple of days, working on one of the bunches of hydrangeas.  I had only roughed in the flowers in the underdrawing, and didn’t include much detail.  So, in working on the actual painting of the hydrangeas, it was pretty slow going, since I was also drawing in each flower in paint.  Over the last four days, I spent about 15 hours getting that one bunch of flowers to a reasonable level of finish.  I’ll move on to other flowers for now, and come back to these flowers at the end if I need to.

Hydrangeas - Day 1

Hydrangeas - Day 2

Hydrangeas - Day 3

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