On The Road To Rainier

Every year, the Oxford Gallery in Rochester, NY has an invitational show.  The theme is usually pretty generic, like “Nocturne” or “Tradition”.  It allows for a lot of artistic interpretation, while still maintaining a level of consistency.  This year’s theme is “Palimpsest”, which ought to invite a little more variation than usual.  Traditionally, a palimpsest […]

Leather iPad and iPhone Cases

For the past several months, I have had the opportunity to borrow a 1st generation iPad.  I’m trying to get used to using a sketchbook application for a class next spring.  Since I’m getting to use this ipad for free, I wanted to limit how much I spend on it.  All those accessories and apps […]

Unexpected Blackberries

Last week, I heard a segment on The Splendid Table about foraging for food. The chef being interviewed, talked about hunting for (and finding) foods that seemed a little too exotic for my tastes. But I have done my share of foraging – mostly for wild blackberries. Along one of my regular jogging routes I […]

1st Anniversary Ornament

Yesterday, June 26th, was my sister Colleen’s, and her husband Tristan’s first wedding anniversary.  Traditionally, the gift for the first anniversary is paper.  Since Colleen is a very creative person (she printed all their save-the-date cards and wedding invitations), I knew the “average” present wouldn’t do.  By the way, more of her letterpress prints can […]